Performing Martial Arts at 90? He does, and we have the video to prove it!

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black belt at 90 years oldLen Kovar turned 90, and he didn’t go fishing, to a bingo game, or even out to eat. While all those things would have been admirable, Mr. Kovar sparred 9 rounds with other martial arts black belts-including his son, Dave Kovar.

I will be honest. I found this video very inspiring, and anyone can appreciate this!

Martial Arts is a lifestyle sport. Many of our students did not start training until their 40’s or 50’s. Training offers great opportunities for stronger health, fitness, camaraderie and friendship. Try Tiger Rock Martial Arts for 90 days. It will change your life!

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The National Tournament in Cary was a huge success!

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Tiger-Rock Taekwondo Tournament in Cary, North CarolinaWe were so thrilled on how the tournament turned out. Johnson’s Tiger Rock was proud to have hosted the National Championships in Cary, North Carolina at Cary Academy. Students of all ages came out to witness and participate in World-Class TaeKwonDo competition. We had the Tiger Cub or Preschool division all the way up to 5th Degree Black Belts Adults.

Some highlights from the tournament:

Our student and 3rd Degree Black Belt, Svetak Sundhar performed the Star Spangled Banner beautifully on the violin.

The Johnson’s Tiger Rock tag-teams did very well. Our youth boys team won 2nd (losing their last string by one point), and the Adult Men’s Tae Kwon Do team won 1st place by over 30 points!

I (Mr. Johnson) had the pleasure over the past couple of months to train alongside my 4-year old son in preparation for this championship. We did well-winning silver.

In closing, I would like to thank all of our instructors who served roles as judges, time-keepers, and “gophers” for the event. We appreciate it very much…And to all the volunteers, thanks for your hard work as well.



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Our Fall Special!

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You have heard about our program and are intrigued? However, because of one thing or another, you haven’t had the time to try martial arts at our award-winning school. Quit postponing it. We are the highest-rated martial arts school in the Raleigh/Durham area after all. Now is the perfect time!

We have a 2-week special going on right now that allows you to see the firsthand benefits of the Tiger Rock Martial Arts Program. For $29, you receive a Tiger Rock Training Shirt, 2-weeks of classes and get to have a whole lot of fun. Give it a try!

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